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All Pluma coaches must meet our extensive requirements

Suit case
Real world experience

Coaches must have a minimum of 10 years operational industry experience.

Coaching expertise

Coaches must have 250+ hours of paid professional coaching experience.

ICF accreditation

Coaches must be ICF accredited at the ACC level or higher.

Higher education

Preference for coaches with an advanced degree from an accredited university.

Rigorous vetting

Coaches must pass a rigorous vetting and interview process.

Technology training

Coaches must complete training and continuing education on our platform.

Pluma clients love our coaches

Pluma coaches receive an average coaching session satisfaction rating of


Locations and languages

The Pluma network consists of over 300 executive coaches spanning six continents and speaking more than 20 languages. Cultural understanding and communication are key to successful coaching, and our broad network of executive coaches ensures we meet global client needs.

Meet some of our coaches

Jacinta Q.

Former Fortune 500 Technology Executive. Drives Strategic Thinking. ACC. Asia

Tom W.

Former Finance CEO. Harvard MBA. Navy Veteran. Intentional Leadership. ACC. North America

Gudrun H.

Former Fortune 500 Chemicals Executive. Trusted Advisor. PCC. Europe

Joao P.

Former Financial Services Executive
. MSc. Change Management Specialist. PCC. Latin America

Bonita M.

Former Fortune 500 Technology Executive. D&I Specialist. PCC. North America

Jackie E.

Former Fortune 100 Technology Executive. MBA. Leadership Specialist. ACC. North America

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