Pluma for aerospace and defense

Pluma for aerospace and defense

Pluma for aerospace and defense

  • Pluma for aerospace and defense

In fact, Engineers make for some of the strongest leaders in the world today. According to a 2017 Harvard Business Review list of the 100 best-performing CEO’s in the world, 32 of the world’s top business leaders had engineering degrees. They even outnumbered those having MBA’s. Strong in problem solving, optimization, and critical thinking, Pluma can help STEM leaders correlate their strengths to leadership qualities giving them both the confidence, and desire, to lead. Our partners have found that Pluma coaching is often the catalyst that ignites a genuine passion for scientific leadership, which ultimately drives innovation and company financial performance.

Why Pluma

  • Global Solution

    Operations in five continents and multiple languages

  • Experienced Coaches

    Matching with vetted certified coaches with relevant experience

  • Convenient and scalable

    Platform fits seamlessly into life and work across thousands of employees

  • Best-in-class Materials

    Custom content recommendations buoy the 1:1 experience

  • Data and Analytics

    Metrics-based approach demonstrates ROI

  • 15 Minute Promise

    We take the bulk of the work. Our promise to our HR partners is that you'll never have to spend more than 15 minutes per week on Pluma. We do the vast majority of the work for you.

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